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Whereas, when I told my parents about my husband, they were first concerned with whether or not we were in love, and how he would treat me, most Chinese parents would first ask what the man’s job is, what is his level of education, where’s his hukou from, and what do his parents do.And while a woman might marry up, marry a man above her own social and economic status, a man almost never does so.These were not important to me and neither I nor any of my immediate peer group had ever chosen men based on the size of their wallets.I soon learned, however, from friends, that many of my Chinese male friends had experienced being dumped by girls for not ponying up gifts from the start.The girls expected to go out to eat every day and have their new boyfriend foot the bill, expected new cell phones, and expected gifts for their parents upon a visit home.

What would possess a grown woman to throw a temper tantrum in a public place, no better than a three year old demanding her mother buy her candy at the checkout counter?

So, it's just a phenomenon that exists in the mass society. Don't look all the Chinese women this way, and I don't think the western world avoids this vulgarity.

Sep 22, 2009 I have met a wonderful lady from China, and have been there twice last year.

Over the past week, a video has surfaced and made quite an impression on Chinese netizens. A woman from Shanghai throwing a fit in the middle of a car dealership, demanding her boyfriend buy her a car.

The man claims that the car doesn’t “suit” her and the woman jumps into the car and starts driving it up and down the showroom, presumably threatening to simply drive the car off the lot, until the man finally gives in, pulls out his credit card, and buys the car for the woman.

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