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With your site I always felt very safe replying to letters. We are 'totally' compatible in everything we do, say, feel, like and enjoy. However, a million thanks since through you I have found my soul mate and life partner - Nigel.I want to tell you that I have met a terrific guy, he's sweet, generous and very loving, and of course I met him through your agency, it's a miracle. 'He thanks you for the newspapers Caitriona,' he said, prompting more laughs from the room. Finally, the president delivered a message from the Irish prime minister.She is due to remain in the US as RTÉ's correspondent until 2018. In an interview with her own network afterwards, she said: 'One minute we were outside the window and the next minute I'm meeting the President of The United States.'Usually we would shoot from outside the window of the White House and that's what we were expecting today but instead we were invited inside to witness the President's call to the Taoiseach.

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Trump had been put on hold for more than a minute and a half on Tuesday, waiting for Ireland's new prime minister to get on the phone and receive his congratulations. But the president was left fidgeting with papers, and intermittently smiling and grimacing at an Oval Office full of reporters who were brought in to witness the call.President Trump beckoned to an Irish journalist in the Oval Office on Tuesday to comment on her 'nice smile' during a phone call with Ireland's newly elected Taoiseach Leo Varadkar. Twitter users were quick to criticize the president's remarks.'Ms.RTÉ reporter Caitriona Perry was one of a group of reporters in the room when he made the 'bizarre' gesture. Perry, please accept the apology of at least 1 female American,' said one while others deemed the president 'gross'.'I'm sorry our president treated you this way,' said another embarrassed US citizen.Actor Kevin Chamberlin said: 'He called you over to look you over.

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