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If people are going to celebrate her release, they must have a full understanding of the crime for which the jury found her guilty.

Despite the contention that the war on drugs significantly increased incarceration rates, it is also important to recognize that our prisons are not full of first-time, non-violent drug and property offenders. 99% percent of those people (1) are violent criminals, (2) are sex offenders, (3) have at least one prior felony, or (4) were given a chance at probation or parole and got revoked (which takes some doing).

Kajstura want to let these offenders out of prison sooner or not send them to prison at all.

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Currently the district is sitting on only million in savings, the lowest level in over 17 years.

That’s million less than they had back in 2008 when the district had 1,000 fewer students .

You do not have to have a student in the district to be on the school board, just a willingness to give up a night or two a month in meetings and hopefully the will to not just rubber stamp items you do not understand.

You can sign up at the R-3 district office until Jan 16.

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