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Based on considerably high record sales in the Cleveland market, Bowie (in his Ziggy Stardust persona alongside The Spiders from Mars) kicked off his first U. tour in "The Rock Capital" (a term coined by Bass).In November 1972, WMMS was sold to Malrite Communications, a Michigan-based firm that relocated to Cleveland upon purchase.WMMS was the first radio station to employ full-time promotion and marketing directors: Dan Garfinkel and his successor, Jim Marchyshyn.In time, the station adopted new slogans reflecting the callsign: "We're your Modern Music Station" and "your Music Marathon Station." Although never used on the air, listeners alternately knew the callsign as an acronym for "Weed Makes Me Smile" and "Magic Mushroom S," the latter referencing the somewhat controversial logo used before the Buzzard.EC horror comics, Fritz the Cat, Rocky and Bullwinkle, and Looney Tunes – all served as inspirations for the "bird of prey with attitude" concept.

Besides a standard analog transmission, WMMS broadcasts over two HD Radio channels, and is available online via i Heart Radio.Considered "a true radio legend," WMMS DJ Kid Leo was chosen for Rolling Stone's "Heavy Hundred: The High and Mighty of the Music Industry" (1980) and named "The Best Disc Jockey in the Country" in a special 1987 issue of Playboy.Seven years later, members of the station's staff and management pleaded guilty to disrupting a national broadcast of The Howard Stern Show that originated via the local Stern affiliate, cross-town rival WNCX.Under Malrite ownership, WMMS would become an album-oriented rock (AOR) powerhouse, much in the same vein as its former Metro Media progressive rock siblings.During this time, WMMS also began broadcasting a remarkable amount of live concerts, many of which originated in Cleveland and were produced by the station itself.

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    In Hudson's Bay this bird is observed to feed on the buds of the willow, and to frequent the groves of firs and junipers, making its nest about May with sticks, lined with feathers, at a little distance from the ground, laying four white eggs ; the young are hatched the beginning of June : it is called Wuscunithoiv at the latter place. Blood-coloured Grosbeak, with the face and breast black; wings and tail-feathers blackish.

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    He was the only child of Prince Władysław I Herman and his first wife Judith, daughter of Vratislaus II of Bohemia.