Walgreens employee dating policy

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Involuntarily, I became the witness of an unprofessional treatment of an employee by its management.I as well as everyone standing in line to at the registered watched as one of the managers was yelling at one of their employees.Our customers love our store and I have had several go over my head simply to compliment my work and our store.I love this company and I hope to work here for some time. Some people would’ve kept the ring and melted it down for gold. But, think about this, what if you added a little information?I am a regular customer and have not seen this cashier before. When I went to check out I asked about a price and the girl said (with an attitude) “I don’t know! I then saw her roll her eyes at another cashier and laugh. I believe her name was Kayla (tall, glasses, dark hair).

I’m sorry to see so many poor reviews but please don’t judge an entire company by these comments.

I was told I would get paid on the 15th of December. Reply I worked for 5 below for 2 weeks before I had enough and never went back !

First of all I was treated like s**t by everymanager there , I felt very uncomfortable as every time I would walk back up front from cleaning the store they would stop talking as I was being talked about ..

Just my opinion, it could bring your blog a little bit more interesting.

Reply I was hired for temporary help for the Christmas time. No one seems to know where my check is, but “we’ll call you when we know”. After seeing all of the negative reviews about this company, I wish I would have known this before investing my time and 0 for gas for nothing in return. I will be contacting HR and ADP first thing Monday morning.

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